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August 1942

A family separated by Anders and the NKVD

Kenneth Fedzin

Hi, I am a member of the Kresy-Siberia group. You may be interested to read my recently (April 2014) published book 'In Search of Staszewski' which is available at... http://www.troubador.co.uk/book_info.asp?bookid=2621 which charts the fate of my father (Jan Fedzin) and his extended family from deportation in Feb 1940 to Siberia and then later to Anders Army after 'amnesty'. My father, two brothers and his sister-in-law joined Anders Army in Lugovoy and eventually crossed the Caspian into Persia. My father and one brother fought at Monte Cassino before coming to England in 1946. The other brother and his wife were 'missing' for the next 62 years until I eventually discovered their fate. She died in Nairobi in 1944 having gone there from Persia with the Displaced Persons and he served in Egypt where he became mentally unfit to serve and was eventually transferred to a mental hospital in England and remained there until his death in 1981. The remainder of the family had, in 1942, to go into hiding with a Kazak family near Shu after another brother was arrested by the NKVD and sent into the Army of Berling to fight on the Soviet/German front. They remained in hiding in Shu until they were finally 'repatriated' to the 'new' western Poland in 1946, after the War had ended. I have a copy of the entire passenger list for this train, together with a copy the falsified document from the Polish/Soviet Commission which stated that the Kazakh woman who had taked them into hiding was a member of the Fedzin family. The book has received independent 4 and 5 star reviews and I am happy for you to use any material from the book you consider useful to your project.

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