Sojourn in Palestine - The Holy Land
February 1943

JSP – Junior Primary School, Nazereth, Palestine

Marek Schwetz

These children were the survivors of Soviet Russia’s crimes against humanity committed in eastern Poland in 1939-1940. They were deported to the Soviet Union. After Soviet Union was invaded by Germany and changed sides to join the Allies, they were rescued by the Anders Army. When they left the Soviet “paradise” they were walking skeletons. Most of them were full orphans or at least half orphans. Anders Army took care of them, clothed them and fed them and educated them. Most of the photos are from Nazareth, the building is the Don Bosco School (on Salesian Road) on top of the hill overlooking Nazareth on the northern side. Some of the photos are earlier from Qastina camp and were taken late in 1942 and early in 1943. I know all this because I was one of them (The little boy sitting on the step of the Ford truck).

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