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norman davies

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino, the most significant triumph of the army led by General Anders. This is a unique opportunity to recall the phenomenon of that formation and to present the important, often underestimated role that it played in shaping the post-war world.

Professor Norman Davies, world-renowned historian and author is currently working on a book devoted to the phenomenon of Anders’ Army. The book will be part of the extensive “Trail of Hope” project. Its aim is to draw attention of the witnesses of those times and the reporters of history.

The journey of the Polish soldiers led from the Soviet gulags and prisons to the deserts of Iraq and the fortifications of the Gustav Line, and eventually to Great Britain. It is our desire to document this as never before, to reconstruct the entire ordeal and all the combat of Anders’ Army.

In his book, Professor Norman Davies plans to use both existing archival resources and testimonies that are being collected only now. We would like to gather as many as possible, basing on the idea of crowdsourcing: each of us can contribute to the virtual archives of Anders’ Army, adding photographs, memories or schetches that have never been published before.

The interactive map of the Trail of Hope is being developed on the platform established by MillionYou. The platform also holds a host of testimonies, serving as a supplement to Professor Davies’ book.

Historical Consultant - Krzysztof Jabłonka